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  • 5 Badr Towers, 10th Floor, Ring Rd. Zahraa El Maadi, Cairo
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  • Sun-Thu 9:00am To 4:00pm

Facilities`s Services

  • Security & Guard
  • Maintenance of roads and corridors
  • Occupational Safety and Health

Security & Guard

Complete site security as per the security plan includes:
  • External securing (fences and gates).
  • Internal securing (internal sites – exiting vital properties).
  • use of modern means of security (electronic gates - security cameras - personal communication devices - protection and safety tools - Transfer of supervisors and security personnel).

Maintenance of roads and corridors

  • Road maintenance including asphalt, pavements and fences.
  • Review, maintain and plan traffic lanes.
  • Maintenance of guiding signs.
  • Periodic review of the condition of the walls, restoration of damaged parts and restoration to the original form.

Occupational Safety and Health

  • Provide fire protection, and fire alarm systems.
  • Provision of occupational safety and health.
  • Limited fire management training.
  • Installation of guidance boards and selection of suitable places.

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About us

About Company:

Facilities for the management, operation and maintenance of facilities is an Egyptian joint stock company established in accordance with Law No. 159 of 1981 and it is also one of the National Asset Management and Investment Companies.